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The Immersive tunnel

At Port des Lumières, situated directly on the waterfront between the Elbe and Speicherstadt, a separate area  is dedicated to Hamburg and its history: In an immersive tunnel that connects the historic harbour room giving information on the history of the port with the impressive viewing platform in the shape of a ship's bow, visitors can experience the maritime flair of the Hanseatic city with their senses of sight, smell and touch.

Here you can breathe the salty sea air and feel the typical Hamburg breeze on your skin, wooden planks and riveted steel walls as well as skilfully placed indirect lighting are reminiscent of the interior of a ship. Visitors can look out through portholes onto the Hamburg harbour panorama.

This creates a real Hamburg feeling not only in the immediate surroundings of Port des Lumières, but also inside the immersive art centre.